Grass Carpet

There is nothing like lush, green grass to enhance the curb appeal of commercial and residential properties. Or is there? The look of vibrantly green grass can now be achieved with synthetic fibers that require less upkeep than real grass. The EZ grass carpet provides authentic looking, durable greenery that can be used indoors as well as outside. Here are some details about the company's synthetic outdoor carpet and grass, their customers and the key benefits of using synthetic grass. Synthetic Grass Provides a Real Return on Investment EZ Grass has several types of premium outdoor carpet and grass coverings from which to choose, but they all look like the real thing. The synthetic grass offered by EZ is guaranteed to withstand temperatures as high as 40 degrees Celsius and as low as negative 100 degrees Celsius. It also looks great even [...]

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Putting Grass

Your Special Putting Greens You may have dreamed for years of owning a putting area in your backyard, but were dismayed at the cost, installation difficulties, and the endless maintenance issues. With today’s modern synthetic greens, however, many of these headaches are eliminated. Today’s synthetic grasses are a far cry from the rudimentary grasses of yesteryear. Each “blend” of materials is designed for a specific purpose. Some grasses are designed for just football fields, while others are designed just for putting greens. Before the final formula is placed into production, golf professionals are consulted to determine what a golfer wants out of a green. Many formulations are tested, until just the right mix is found. Yes, synthetic grasses have been refined to a science. Before installing a backyard putting green, a little planning is in order. Determine where you want the putting [...]

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